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Wed, 23rd of July


is this what having a penis is like 


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Wed, 23rd of July

29°36’56.3”N 81°11’21.9”W

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Wed, 23rd of July
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Wed, 23rd of July

In 2011, Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas embarked on a quest to locate the last surviving 9/11 search and rescue dogs who had worked so tirelessly ten years earlier. Retrieved is a collection of their portraits, a moving tribute to these heroic dogs and their handlers.

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Wed, 23rd of July

Let’s show that jerk what girls are made of!

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Wed, 23rd of July

Margot Robbie - Maxim - June 2014

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Tue, 22nd of July


by Hello i’m Wild !

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Tue, 22nd of July


Detail 2 - Gus Hughes

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Tue, 22nd of July


 Dragons were discovered some five thousand years ago by the Valyrians in the Fourteen Fires, a ring of volcanoes on the Valyrian peninsula. The Valyrians mastered the art of raising dragons and used them as weapons of war to carve out a massive empire.  

According to legend, a dragon may be tamed by sounding the Dragon Horn. The dragonlords of old sounded such horns, before the Doom devoured them. 

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Tue, 22nd of July

Maleficent. Made of black dyed rose. Horns made of rose sepals. The wand is a rose stem. 

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